Peter is a critically acclaimed writer who writes about the intersection of media and entertainment with AI and tech. 

He has written several critically acclaimed books, including “Fearless Media: An Insider’s Guide & Call to Action for Today’s Media World (& Where It’s Going).” He is an expert columnist for leading entertainment publication TheWrap, and has also been a regular contributor to other leading publications including Forbes, TechCrunch, Variety and Billboard.


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A Sora’s Text-to-Video Shocked Hollywood, but It Opens Endless Creative Potential | Commentary

Fearless Media: An Insider’s Guide & Call to Action for Today’s Media World (& Where It’s Going)

FEARLESS MEDIA is Peter Csathy's critically-acclaimed book that takes you on a journey of how technology has transformed the worlds of media and entertainment (what Csathy calls "Media 2.0"), and how tech giants came to be the new media giants.


“An invaluable guide to the new media universe.”
- Forbes

“Brilliant and compelling.” 
- Variety

“Csathy navigates the wild west of digital media with skill and precision.” 
- Los Angeles Times

“Consider this a blueprint to navigate the twists and turns of the world of new media.” 
- The Motley Fool

“Peter Csathy is one of the smartest guys in new media.” 
- USA Today